Plan TypeAgesArea 1Area 2Area 3
Plan A65-66224240266
Plan A67-69258279306
Plan A70-74304330359
Plan A75-79339365407
Plan A80-84385419458
Plan A85+414446492
Plan F65-66150161178
Plan F67-69170185203
Plan F70-74201217237
Plan F75-79225246269
Plan F80-84255276305
Plan F85+276298330
Plan F
(High Deductible)
Plan F
(High Deductible)
Plan F
(High Deductible)
Plan F
(High Deductible)
Plan F
(High Deductible)
Plan F
(High Deductible)
Plan G65-66137146163
Plan G67-69156168185
Plan G70-74183197217
Plan G75-79204222244
Plan G80-84231250279
Plan G85+250272299
Plan K65-66768291
Plan K67-698596103
Plan K70-74102110122
Plan K75-79115126137
Plan K80-84130140155
Plan K85+141151168
Plan L65-66107118130
Plan L67-69126135149
Plan L70-74147159174
Plan L75-79165179197
Plan L80-84186202222
Plan L85+201219240
Plan N65-66107114128
Plan N67-69121131144
Plan N70-74143155169
Plan N75-79161175191
Plan N80-84182197216
Plan N85+197212235
April 1 2017 - All Area Numbers are US Dollar ($) Amounts
April 1 2017 - All Area Numbers are US Dollar Amounts


April 1, 2017 Rates

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• Texas Resident age 65 and over
• Must have Medicare Parts A & B
• May not duplicate an inforce Medicare Supplement

3 digit ZIPs for Area 1:

754-759; 763-769; 778-792; 795-799; 885

3 digit ZIPs for Area 2:

750-753; 760-762; 770-777; 793-794

Area 3: out-of-state