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Open Enrollment is November 1, 2019 through December 15, 2019

Questions? Call and talk with one of our Health Insurance Experts:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Online Enrollment
BCBS Enrollment Application
Find a HMO Blue Advantage Doctor

You will receive an email from

Apply for coverage can be done directly from this link.
All ARC doctors are HMO.

Click on “Find a Doctor or Hospital”

Click on “start search”

Click on “select from the list below” Choose Blue Advantage HMO (BAV)

OSCAR Enrollment Application
OSCAR Find a Doctor

Please click on the link:
Get A Quote from OSCAR
follow the prompts to get a quote.

There is a link above of the Plan Grid for Oscar to use for a Reference.

Apply for Coverage Directly using the link above.

Find an Oscar Doctor FIND a DOCTOR
All ARC doctors & Seton Hospitals included.